Monday, 17 September 2018

Blog Tour - Thread Faction #123 Tank and Pants

It's been a little while since I've blogged, I've been so busy failing at life that I've definitely not had time to hop on here!

I knew this blog tour for the Thread Faction Tank and Pants, would help get me back on track and I love talking about patterns that I LOVE! You can usually tell how much I love a pattern by how many  I end up making. I've made 6, with 3 more cut out!

And PS: if you're nervous about binding, this is the pattern for you to try it out on! Liz has some awesome videos on sewing knit and specifically how to sew this pattern. So, that makes it a great pattern for beginners to try their hand at things like binding and bands.

This pattern ticks all of my boxes: quick sew, practical, comfortable to play in, cute!

My kids love love love playing in the backyard in the summer evenings, it's usually too hot for lots of clothes, so quite often they'll go in their singlets and undies and the Tank and Pants pattern is perfect for this!

There is a gusset option so you can use them as undies, I left this off for the ones I made and had planned to use them as PJ's over the top of undies. I say planned, because as soon as my mum saw them, she gave me one of those Indian head shakes and tutted at me.

After all these years, even I don't really know if that means she's happy or annoyed... her point was that these singlets were WAY too cute to be hidden away as PJ's and that the girls should be wearing them with skirts or shorts for summer - good thing Thread Faction have a great skirt pattern too...

One of my favourite fabric stores, The Material Girl Australia has worked with Thread Faction to bring to life these cute little project panels, they will work with all sizes of the pattern and have a panel for the front, coordinate for the back, small panel for the pants and a glitter for the straps and leg bands! and I reckon if I cut a bit savvy I would be able to squeeze a small size out of the leftovers!


As you can see, this panel really suits her personality. I once said a very similar phrase on an Instagram post! 

I used my mini-panel on the butt part, but you can also use it for the front.

Her "pretend" sleep face is toooooo cute!

There is a great line up of ladies on the blog tour to show off the pattern and the panels

I hope you enjoy this tour! and all the cuteness in it

Happy Sewing
T x

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  1. Aw Tanya! Your girls are way too cute! This post made me giggle! I came here searching for inspiration to write my next blog. I'm drawing blanks...also probably just extremely tired! Hehe! LOVE your work! Xx Jess