Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pattern Review - Hourglass Dress - RabbitRabbit Creations

I just knew when I saw the initial photos of this dress that I would have to have it!

And the tester photos didn't disappoint - in fact I think they were the most awesome tester photos I've ever seen.  

So I had to buy the pattern as soon as it was released and make one up the next night. 

I am utterly in love with this pattern, not only is the end result completely stunning but the construction is really clever too. 

The back bodice is attached by a method called 'tubing' which is also one of the methods used on the Elegance & Elephants Bohemian Babydoll Dress. 

The waist isn't enclosed, which I know many handmaidens prefer, Personally, I'm not really fussed on enclosing things - even when there is the option to do so, I very rarely actually do it - that's just a personal preference - I sew kids clothing, not haute couture. It's totally a personal preference though. 

I wouldn't call it a beginner sew because the instructions in the pattern are not really aimed at beginners. However, there is a Sewing Circle on Facebook with a video tutorial for every step!! So, I believe even a beginner could totally rock this pattern. 

As usual, my model wasn't really interested in taking photos but told me I could have 5 photos in return for 2 red snakes 😝

I think it's fair to say I love this pattern haha but more importantly, I truly believe you will too if you give it a go - totally satisfying to sew, a fabulous technique to learn and best of all you can feel proud that you've created something so unique and beautiful 

Try it for yourself!! You know you want to 
T xx

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