Friday, 10 February 2017

How to Make - Hair Bows

I've been a little quiet lately, life is quite busy! However, the past week I've been hosting a Sew Along  for Tadah Patterns and the outfit I made during the SAL was for my friends cute little Miss.

Have you ever made a perfect outfit and then wanted some hair bows to match/contrast? Well, I made some and a few ladies started asking how I made them, so I figured it could be my first tutorial for the year!

So I have a template I use, I drew the measurements onto cardboard, that way when I want to make another I idon'thave to measure anything, I just use my template and cut!

What you'll need: a small piece of the fabric you wish to use, lightweight interfacing, contrasting fabric for the bow keeper, hot glue gun, needle and thread, clip or headband.

You need a rectangle 5 1/4" wide and 4" long

Then cut a bow keeper, 1" wide x 4" long

Cut a piece of lightweight interfacing about 3/8" smaller than the fabric

Iron on your interfacing

Fold up the long sides of the bow to the middle so they just overlap slightly and press well

Then fold the short ends in so they overlap slightly and press really well

Fold the bow in half, so the raw edges are on the inside

Then keep folding to form a bow

Hand sew the bow together

Fold your bow keeper in so the raw edges overlap

wrap the bow keeper around your bow middle

Cut off the excess bow keeper and sew the bow keeper raw edges together

Front view

Back view

Use your hot glue gun to attach to your choice of clip. If you were making it on a headband, insert your headband before you cut off the excess bow keeper and sew it all on together.

Happy sewing


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