Monday, 3 July 2017

Sewing Challenge - June extras

When i first started my sewing challenge, I thought I'd struggle to make one new item a month but it seems I've been able to make one new item per week and sometimes even more than one!! The last week of June, I made three new things! The Polly Pinny that I blogged about earlier as well as these two outfits!

First up, I got this divine small floral from Wildflower Fabric Store and I had spotted the CKC Honey's pattern earlier in the week and instantly knew this fabric would be perfect for it!

You really need to go by your childs chest measurements for this one because in spite of the back being time up, you need the front to fit properly for it to not wrinkle too much.

The other thing I would possibly do different next time I make this is change the location of the first loop to just under the arms so there isn't that huge gap where the armhole finishes and the loop starts. I hope that makes sense!

But all in all, it was a reasonably decent fit, there was a little wrinkling on the side. I suspect if you ditched the last 1.5" of the front bodice and made the skirt longer by the same amount, this might fix itself - I'll let you know on the next one I make. 

The next outfit I made was a Marty Hoodie from Issue 11 of One Thimble. My little miss is a skinny little thing and almost never fits store bought properly - if it fits around the chest then it's too short and if it's long enough then it's bulky around the chest and she looks like she's swimming in it! 

Solution? make my own! I also decided to do the Freezer Paper Stencilling from issue 11 - a generous friend cut out the unicorn stencil for me on her scan n cut (which I now NEED!!!) and mailed it to me! Miss almost-five did most of the painting of the unicorn (I tidied up her brush strokes) and this smile was so worth the few minutes of extra work!

Pockets of course were the big win - she loves pockets! 

 And that big hood is perfect for covering her whole head, ears and all!

I thought I'd include some extra pics that I thought were rather cute haha - she grabbed my star wand and decided she'd turn me into a goat....

 I used up some of my precious Tadah Fabric for this because it's so soft and lovely to sew with!

All in all, a very productive week!!

Happy Sewing
T xx

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