Friday, 1 May 2015

Pattern Hack - adding lace to pleats

I recently tested the Tadah Patterns Pleatie Dress and Shortsuit and made this version with lace in the pleats. 

It's super simple and SO effective!! I'll show you how to recreate it

You'll need your pattern piece and some lace

Mark out your pleats as per your pattern

Fold along your marked line, finger press and turn over, right side down. 

I use glue to hold my lace perfectly in place, you can use pins of course.

Make sure you line the lace up well, turn over and double check your lace is even, sew with the allowance of the pattern you're using. I'm using a coloured thread so you can see what I've done - it makes a nice pattern as well if you're confident you can sew perfectly straight.

Continue with your other pleats the same way, then iron them all toward the arm hole.

Thats it.... simple huh??

T xx