Tuesday, 28 April 2015

It's never as hard as you think it's going to be

I've had the Tadah Patterns Peg Pants pattern since its release, it's one of the few patterns I wasn't a tester for! So, with winter coming I thought it would be time to make some... That, and I was playing swapsies with another handmade friend and the pegs were on her wanted list! 

To be perfectly honest, I hadn't tried them as they scared the crap out of me! They look super complex and very professional. 

For the first time ever I actually read though the pattern (OMG, I know!!) If you know me, you know I never read the pattern - just kinda dive in and check the pictures to make sure I'm on the right track. 

It's safe to say My first pair sucked!! My welt pockets are wonky and blergh, but I persevered and I've now made 4 in the last 5 days!!

These were the first

And to compare... My fourth pair's pocket 

My favourite part? Making the back fully adjustable!! And oddly enough I grew to love the welt pockets -- once I got them right haha

I made a pair for my little miss as well and she LOVES her 'plus pants' so much she wanted to wear them to bed last night ... So she did... Who's to argue with a 2.5 yo! 

And really, they're pretty darn cute! 

This super funky Cloud9 fabric, designed by the ever talented Rashida Coleman-Hale is totally my style! 
Next time it's kids clothing week I may even get organised enough to to participate!! 

T xx

PS: If you like the pattern, check out the Tadah Facebook Group (called Fresh Pattern Party) for great support and inspiration 

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