Friday, 26 June 2015

KCW Day 5

Today's stop on my Kids Clothes Week trip was somewhat of a disaster....

I decided to try out a super cute and FREE pattern and it just didn't work for me!

I wouldn't say I'm a very experienced seamstress so a large part of the blame lies with my lack of skills and also I've been spoiled by some awesome pattern designers who write clear, detailed, fantastic instructions. 

There was one paragraph of instructions (OMG!!) and I didn't realise till after I'd cut it all out thy I had to add the seam allowance in myself *sigh* why don't I read patterns before I jump in!! and my personal favourite line of the instructions 'insert zip' ummmmm ok... (Insert a few swear words and a tear or two) 

Then I found this awesome video by Shauna from Shwin designs on how to insert zips (ps: I love you for this one Shauna) 

I will make another, because... Well... It's incredibly cute!! And looks amazing on my toddler! But I think I'll have to work out some other way of constructing it. 

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