Friday, 31 July 2015

More birthday present prepping!!

Remind me next year, that if I'm going to buy only handmade items for my girls birthdays then I need to get sorted at least a month before their birthday, not a week..... none of the items I've bought her have arrived and we leave for New Zealand tomorrow!! So I need to add something to the little satchel I made her earlier in the week

A long while back I tested out an Art Caddy pattern for a friend of mine - Miquita from Damaya Designs back then my little miss wasn't really into drawing, well, not on paper anyway - fridges and walls? Yea, sure!

So I thought I'd get that pattern out and make her a new art caddy and get her some new crayons to go in it. The pattern itself is really easy to make - no printing necessary, just cut the measurements as per the pattern and away you go!

I adjusted the width of the dividers to fit in some textas I bought her as well - easy peasy - instead of 3/4" apart I made them 1.25" apart - sure it meant I can't fit as many in but she really only uses a few colours anyway!

I used some scraps left over from the satchel to put some little appliqué's on the front and back of the caddy. I wonder if she will notice that Twilight Sparkle (her favourite pony) is on the back of the caddy and not the front... someone wasn't paying attention!!!

I think when we get home I'll be making a few more of these as Christmas presents for her little friends.

T xx


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