Friday, 31 July 2015

Movie Inspiration - Breakfast At Tiffany's

I saw a dress on a non-handmade website a while back and immediately thought it was reminiscent of  Breakfast at Tiffany's, so after buying the Boo! Designs Gallery dress I thought I'd give it a go to make something similar for my daughter.

After a little chat with the lady at my local fabric shop, I decided on some suiting fabric - it drapes really well and doesn't require ironing!! Wait?!? What?!? NO IRONING!!!! My heart was screaming BUY ALL THAT FABRIC! My head of course said "don't be a clown, lets see if you're even capable of sewing it first!"

The fabric was a little slippery, so I had to go a little slower than I normally sew and it was my first attempt at this pattern and an exposed zip as well. But it was exactly what I wanted and looks exactly the way I pictured in my head!

She wasn't really up for the elaborate photoshoot I wanted to do but she did agree that for two pieces of chocolate, she would let me take 10 photos .... I took about 50 and these were the best of them all hahaha

The pattern has collar options as well if you'd like to add a collar, as well as many sleeve lengths and cuffed or elasticated sleeves. As well as the option for a tunic length. I added the contrast panel myself by measuring the length I wanted for the contrast, adding in the seam allowance and then chopping that length off the dress pattern.

To add the lace in, I laid the lace down on the contrast panel, raw edges matching - I used fabric glue to tape the lace to the fabric so it didn't move.
 I then flipped it inside out and upside down lined up with the raw edges of the dress so that the lace was sandwiched between the dress and the contrast panel - right sides together, raw edges together.

I then overlocked all the layers, flipped the contrast and lace panel out and top stitched it so it would lay flat.

All up, it was a great blank palette pattern that you can use to create any look you're trying to achieve. Boo! Designs also has a sewing group on Facebook where you can ask questions relating to the Boo! patterns and share your creations.

Happy Sewing
T xx

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