Friday, 15 January 2016

Pattern Testing - Batwing Kimono (Pattern Emporium)

I've been super slack posting to my blog lately! Since going back to work part time I'm struggling to juggle all the things I enjoy, like this blog, with all of the things I have to do - like feed my kids haha!

I digress! 

A couple of months ago a friend added me to the Pattern Emporium tester group to help test the Batwing Kimono. It was my first time testing for Kate and I really enjoyed the whole process. I even got to do a sneaky test of the ladies batwing kimono!! 

My daughter has never really been into wearing a cardigan or shrug so I wasn't sure if she'd get any use out of the kimono, but I knew I could get some cute pics before she discarded it in a pile in my sewing room. 

So, I was rather surprised when she proclaimed how much she loved it and in total fairness to her she has continued to wear them ALOT! 

The pattern comes in size 3-12, two lengths - longline (what I made) and cropped and there are four different finishing methods. I made one with a narrow hem and two with trims on the edges - one lace, the other crochet lace.

They're super quick to wizz together, so they satisfy my instant gratification sewing needs and they're also super cute on, I'll let the photos speak for themselves ...

The black and white kimono, or "wock star shirt" as my daughter calls it, gets worn out a lot and sometimes even to kindy. The yellow and cream both get used at the beach as a sun cover. 

I've now become obsessed with sewing the ladies version - for myself, my mum and various friends Christmas and birthday presents. It's a fantastic fit and sewing for me somehow feels so much more satisfying than sewing for my kids! 

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Happy sewing 
T xx

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