Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - June Week 1

So for June I am sewing up a storm for my friends little lady. I decided to do this every 3-4 months so my girls wardrobes aren't breaking at the seams (pardon the pun!)

So this week I made the Lil Luxe Calabria Dress and Top, I got a little obsessed with this one and ended up making about four!! My friends little miss got a t-shirt, my 4 yo got two t-shirts and my small missy got a dress! It's a quick and cute little pattern that is so feminine and stylish on.

The sizing was pretty spot on for us, all the ones I made fit all of the kids they were supposed to fit - I made according to chest measurements.

That ruched sleeve detail is what makes this pattern so adorable - it's the perfect amount of puff. And the bodice has just enough ease in it to make it a kid-friendly dress they will want to wear time and time again - this dress has been washed and worn I think 4 times now!

I've got my eye on a few of the Lil Luxe patterns now, prior to this I had only made the Swallowtail - which was pretty adorable. The hideaway hoodie is one I think I'll add to my list and the capri pants as well - super cute!!!

See you next week! Happy Sewing
T xx

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  1. Love this dress - I have the dress in progress. I have a couple of questions - did you modify the neckline and did you add clear elastic when attaching* the bodice to the gathered skirt- if you did where did you attach the elastic - the bodice (right or wrong side of fabric)
    Your dress turned out perfect. I was intimidated by the rouched sleeves so I did not do that step - was that difficult