Monday, 26 June 2017

Sewing Challenge - June Week 3

This week I was feeling really tired and bogged down with a lot of other life things I've got going on so I really needed a quick sew to set my mood back. As it turned out it kinda spiralled out of control from a quick-fix-sew to a super cute little outfit that I totally adore! Don't ask about the poses.. these are all her own, not quite sure what look she was going for!

We went to Luna Park to meet up with a lovely online friend I had met via our common love of sewing and it was such a wonderful day! I love getting to meet sewing friends who I have only previously known online - you feel an instant bond!

So, for my outfit I used the Thread Faction #116 cardigan and the Lil Luxe Calabria T-shirt and for the skirt I used the Once Upon a Sewing Machine Miriam Skirt - the cardigan and skirt patterns are both available via Issue 15 of One Thimble currently - I would say one of my favourite issues to date as all the patterns really work so well together. The cardi is SUCH a quick sew, I made this one while hubby put Miss-Nearly-5 to bed one evening.

The problem began when I put the finished cardi onto a pile of fabric ready to press and the mint fabric looked so perfect next to the pink of the cardigan that I knew in that instant I HAD to make a skirt to match! First I considered the Lil Luxe Slim Trousers  but then I realised I'd need to print and tape so I went with a pattern I had already made and loved. Then, of course what do I put under the cardi! I've been on a crazy little mission to have my kids wearing 100% handmade recently, so the idea of putting a store bought t-shirt under this super adorable outfit just didn't sit well with me. So in entered the Lil Luxe Calabria Tee. Suffice to say, something that started out as a quick sew, turned into me going to bed at 1am!

BUT look at how cute she looks in it <3 and she loves it as well, it's that all that matters <3

Happy Sewing
T xx

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